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Firmness Level: Plush - 3/10

Ultra Plush
Ultra Firm

Mlily Fusion Luxe 12.5″


  • Mlily Fusion Luxe mattress provides seven layers to ensure a rejuvenated night's sleep
  • Providing a breathable, flexible, adaptable, and allergy-free experience with Smart Foam
  • Allowing for maximum back and joint support with Pocket Springs
  • Ensuring quality Flex Support Foam for deep, regenerative sleep
  • Featuring the Gel AirCell Foam, which provides ultimate breathability
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The Mlily Fusion Luxe is a 12.5″ 7-layer hybrid memory foam mattress, designed with the signature feel of Mlily Smart Foam. Wrapped with an Ice-Fabric allows the mattress surface to be cooler to achieve a better night’s rest. For best performance, pair the mattress with a flat foundation, such as a platform frame. The Fusion Luxe mattress is designed with three layers of temperature-regulating foam infused with a pocketed coil system for maximum support while the high-quality knit material adapts to the conditions, keeping you comfortable both summer and winter.

Mlily Fusion Luxe Construction

    • Layer one is a Cooling Knit Fabric, crafted for air-flow and breathability, creating a cooler and deeper sleep.
    • Layer two is the 1.5″ MLily Gel Air Cell memory foam infused with Air Cell Technology to ensure maximum cooled comfort throughout the night.
    • Layer three consists of 1.5″ Mlily Smart Foam, a breathable synthetic latex that actively adapts to your body’s natural contours. 
    • Layer four is comprised of 1.5″ Zoned Aero-Flex polyfoam allowing a better transition between the softer layers and the spring base. The Zoned Aero-flex creates consistent air-flow and firmer foam layered in that adapts while you sleep.
    • Layer five is 6.3″ Pocket Springs, pocket springs strategically placed within the memory foam for ultimate support. 
    • Layer Six provides continuous added reinforcement to alleviate the natural pressure of your body weight, the Flex Support Border allows for end-to-end total support 
    • Layer Seven is the 1/5″ Flex Support Foam, the bottom layer ensures absolute support to ensure a more comfortable and well-rounded night’s rest.

Mlily Fusion Luxe Firmness

We provide a firmness scale from 1 being the softest to 10 being the firmest, and the Mlily Fusion Luxe king was rated a three for being in the plush range. The mattress has three layers of soft and supportive foam that add a cushion of comfort that shapes your body, while the pocket coils layered within the foam add the ultimate support needed for a rejuvenating night’s rest.

Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, most find that the mattress is comfortable and adapts to their position. Back sleepers will find that the Fusion Luxe will evenly distribute their weight to ensure full support, while side sleepers can be sure that the mattress relieves the pressure from their shoulders and hips. Lastly, stomach sleepers should love the spinal alignment provided by the soft and supportive foam. 

If you are a light sleeper or share your bed with another person or pet, motion transfer can be especially important to ensure a good night’s sleep. From the support from the springs to the pocketed coil systems designed to adjust to your movements, the Mlily bed absorbs the natural motion of sleep, allowing an undisturbed sleep.

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